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2/10/2016 19:13

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A Memorial Evening for the Heavenly Hundred.
Posted 2/9/2016 by uccab@shaw.ca (UCC-APC) on www.uccab.ca

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Two years have gone by, since the tragic events of the Maydan in Kyiv. The death of the Heavenly Hundred shall become the most noted and important event in the history of the Independence of Ukraine and for the whole Ukrainian nation. The League of Ukrainian Canadians and the Ukrainian Women's League (Edmonton branch) is hosting an evening in memory of the Heavenly Hundred with a Molebin (Prayer) and panakhyda for the 2nd anniversary of this tragedy. We invite all to come to honor the memory of the fallen heroes, who died in the streets and in the war against the Russian aggressors.

February 20, 2016 6:00 p.m. at St. George's Ukrainian Catholic Church, 11305-95A St. Edmonton

Вже два роки пройшло від трагедії яка відбулася на Майдані в Києві. Загибель Небесної Сотні залишиться одна з найбільш пам`ятних i важних моментів в історії Незалежної України і для всього Українського народу. Ліґа Українців Канади і Ліґа Укараїнок Канади (в Едмонтоні) влаштовують вечір пам`яті Небесної Сотні із Молебнем і панахидою в другу річницю цієї події. Просимо всіх прийти вшанувати пам`ять сучасних героїв України які загинули на майдані і на війні проти російського агресора. Прошу розширити цю інформацію знайомим. 

Canadian Movie Tour, 2016: The Ukrainians - a fundraiser hosted by Dopomoha Ukraini to benefit soldiers in Ukraine
Posted 2/5/2016 by uccab@shaw.ca (UCC-APC) on www.uccab.ca

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A fundraiser hosted by Dopomoha Ukraini to benefit soldiers in Ukraine independence in 2014. It includes incredible, shocking first-hand footage from the infamous battle at Donetsk Airport and the legendary “cyborgs” that heroically defended the airport and Ukraine.
Movie screenings will include an introduction and question period with the film’s directors and a member of the volunteer battalions, as well as a musical interlude by Serhiy “Foma” Fomenko, a musician, social activist, and a key organizer of “Path to Freedom”. The film’s trailer can be viewed on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fftqr09RQ1w . The Soldiers Psychological Rehabilitation Program helps soldiers suffering from war-related psychological issues, notably Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The program invites Ukrainian soldiers and their families to attend a week-long program in the Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine that focuses on psychological healing, physical recuperation, and reintegration into society. The full cost of one session ranges between US$ 15,000 and US$ 20,000, depending on the number of participants. The first session of the program ran from September 28 to October 4, 2015 and was held in partnership with Wounded Warrior Ukraine, a project of Healing War Scars, a US-registered non-profit. Slava Ukraini!

Looking for Internee Descendant representative
Posted 1/13/2016 by uccab@shaw.ca (UCC-APC) on www.uccab.ca

To all Internee Descendants of Canada’s First National Internment Operations of 1914 to 1920,
The Board of Directors of the Shevchenko Foundation is currently seeking an internee descendant representative for April 1, 2016 to March  31, 2017. This appointment is for a one year fixed term. The submitted names will be considered as potential candidates for the Internee Descendant Endowment Council position. (Non-voting)
You are invited to complete the attached form along with your resume by February 29, 2016.
Feel free to contact Andrea Malysh if you have any questions regarding this position.

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Christmas Newsletter 2015
Posted 12/22/2015 by uccab@shaw.ca (UCC-APC) on www.uccab.ca

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Вітаємо з Різдвом, з Новим роком вітаємо!
Бажаємо Вам щастя, здоровя бажаємо!
Хай серце радіє, душа хай співає,
А настрій святковий весь рік не зникає!

Christmas greetings
and all good wishes for your health
and happiness in the coming year!

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