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The voice of Ukrainians in Alberta
Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Alberta Provincial Council
The voice of Ukrainians in Alberta
Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Alberta Provincial Council
The voice of Ukrainians in Alberta
Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Alberta Provincial Council
The voice of Ukrainians in Alberta
Settlement Grant for Alberta’s Ukrainian Organizations


The Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Alberta Provincial Council Settlement Grant for Alberta’s Ukrainian Organizations will provide funds to Ukrainian organizations to support Ukrainian nationals fleeing the war in Ukraine and settling in Alberta. This grant funding will cover the costs for various engagement projects that Ukrainian organizations would like to offer to assist individuals and families in Alberta.


UCC-APC is a provincial organization and encourages organizations to apply for this funding to support Ukrainian nationals, engage them within the Canadian-Ukrainian community and possibly join established organizations in Alberta. All applicants must come through an organization that belongs to the UCC-APC umbrella or have established working relations with UCC-APC.


To date, the UCC-APC has received many generous donations from the provincial government, various organizations, businesses, and friends. This fund will expand to $50,000 to support Ukrainians newcomers to engage in Ukrainian community organizations that support culture and Ukrainian language. The grant funding will be dispersed on a first come first serve basis for eligible projects meeting the criteria. Each project requires an application submission.


Requirements and Eligibility

✔  This grant is available to Canadian-Ukrainian organizations and affiliated organizations that fall under the umbrella of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Alberta Provincial Council (UCC-APC).

✔  At this time, grants are provided to organizations to engage and support Ukrainian Nationals who are fleeing the war and/or who arrived in Canada after February 24, 2022.

✔  The maximum grant amount is $3,000 per organization per project in Alberta, depending on the project scope. UCC-APC will determine the approved grant amount and will notify the applicant.


Grants may include funding for:

–  Support the Ukrainian Nationals by paying Ukrainian organizational membership fees

–  Cost of the organized project, such as registration fees for children’s day camps in Alberta (for newly arrived Ukrainians fleeing the war)

–  Provide overnight camps or pay the overnight camp fees for Ukrainian Nationals\

–  Reimburse fees for the participation in the family camps to enrich the Ukrainian language and culture (newly arrived Ukrainians fleeing the war)

–  Field trips to Ukrainian newcomers to places of interest in Alberta that support Ukrainian culture; e.g., Ukrainian Heritage Village, Ukrainian internment camps

–  Reimburse participant’s fees for the Ukrainian cultural activities in Alberta, e.g., pysanky workshops, Ukrainian dance classes, etc.

–  Host newcomer welcome and information events


✔  Grant funding cannot be used to purchase gift cards or to provide cash to individuals, nor can it be used to pay for household improvements. Those initiatives are in place in Edmonton for newcomers.

✔  Eligibility for this grant is based on several factors including the type of project, the number of newcomers it will support, it’s linkage to Ukrainian culture and language as well as the potential for a long-lasting benefit for the organization and newcomer families in Alberta.



  •  The Recipient will use the Grant to cover costs required for the purpose described in the grant application.
  •  The Recipient is asked to acknowledge the UCC-APC for the part of full provision of the Grant in applicable media publications and correspondence.
  •  The Recipient acknowledges that the name of the organization receiving a grant will be subject to the UCC-APC financial reporting.
  •  If any portion of the grant will not be fully allocated by the organization, the recipient will repay the remainder to the UCC-APC by August 31, 2023.


How to Apply

Please complete the following application, including all supplementary documents, and submit it to the, or by mail 8103 127 Ave NW #8, Edmonton, AB T5C 1R9.

Once the application is reviewed, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Alberta Provincial Council will notify the applicant regarding the status and the amount of grant approved, if successful.


Questions may be directed to the email with the submission to Additionally, do not hesitate to call Liliya Sokha at 780 903-8529.