Ukraine’s Quest for Independence. Прагнення України до Незалежності


Ukraine’s Quest for Independence

* as part of the self-guided component of Ukrainian Day 2021

This resource was created for the 30th Anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence. You will find the information in English, French and Ukrainian. 


What is Independence?

The past; historical background

The 1000 years of legacy

Ukraine in famous people

Help from Ukrainians abroad

The day of independence in 1991. What happened?

What does independence mean for Ukrainians in Ukraine?

The Present. Ukraine’s 30th year of independence.

The Future. Where is Ukraine heading? Directions for development

You can reach out to us to get PowerPoint presentations of each translation :).

UKR_Прагнення України до незалежності
FRN_Ukraine's Quest for Independence
ENG_Ukraine's Quest for Independence