Why do we need to celebrate Taras Shevchenko?


“Shevchenko’s ​​life is a symbol of the thorny path of struggle for freedom. It appeared before the Ukrainians as a living example of how we can be liberated from captivity, depression, discouragement, inferiority complex and national depression,” states Michael Kushlaba, lecturer of the Ukrainian language.
Shevchenko was born in the village of Moryntsi in central Ukraine on March 9, 1814, and is widely considered one of the foremost writers of the 19th century and a founder of the modern Ukrainian language. His poetry contributed significantly to the growth of Ukrainian national consciousness, and his influence on Ukrainian culture is considered iconic. As a visual artist, he worked with easel painting, etchings, graphic arts, and sculptures. He crafted more than a thousand pieces of art, which have been prominently displayed worldwide.
Shevchenko died in 1861. “Years pass, century, and the sharpness of the power of words and Shevchenko live. The spirit of freedom, human dignity – the great universal concepts – through the centuries trials experienced by Kobzar come to Ukrainians and give them confidence in their own self-affirmation”, concludes lecturer Michael Kushlaba. We can all seek inspiration in his work.

Гомін України та Конґресу Українців Канади, Відділ Калґарі. Віртуальна програма концерту до вшанування пам’яті Тараса Шевченка. Дивіться виступи дітей Садочка, Рідної школи, Бандуристи СУМ Калґарі, архівні записи хору Коріння та інших талантів громади.

Ukrainian Male Chorus of Edmonton пропонує до Вашої уваги твір «Думи мої» — вшановуючи безсмертну спадщину Тараса Шевченка. “My Thoughts” — honouring Taras Shevchenko’s immortal legacy.

Through the eyes of our children

Grade 3 and grade 2 classes created colourful bulletin board displays of Shevchenko with portraits from when he was older and when he was young.
Курси Українознавства/ Ivan Franko School of Ukrainian Studies презентують Шевченківський концерт. Visit their Facebook page.