Alberta withdraws from trade event in Russia


Alberta withdraws from trade event in Russia

May 14, 2014 Media inquiries
In response to escalating tensions in Ukraine, the Government of Alberta will not attend the 21st World Petroleum Congress (WPC) to be held in Moscow, Russia, June 15-19.

The Government of Alberta began coordinating Alberta’s presence at WPC back in 2012, which was to include a booth in the Canadian Pavilion as well as on-the-ground support for a delegation of Alberta-based oil and gas companies.

Over the past months, Alberta has been closely monitoring the situation with our federal and provincial counterparts as well as participating companies.

“Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, Alberta has stood united with the Government of Canada in condemning violence and the violation of Ukraine’s sovereign territory. In the face of ongoing aggression I have made the decision to withdraw all provincial support for the Congress being held in Moscow.”

Premier Dave Hancock
“The world is a different place now than it was when these plans were initially being made. Continuing actions to undermine stability in Ukraine make Alberta’s participation in Moscow untenable. We continue to support the federal government’s persistent calls to de-escalate the crisis and oppose military aggression and illegal occupation.”

Cal Dallas, Minister of International and Intergovernmental Relations
“Alberta stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and in support of efforts to restore stability and implement democratic and economic reforms. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people as we persist in our hope for a peaceful resolution.”

Genia Leskiw, MLA for Bonnyville-Cold Lake and Chair of the Advisory Council on Alberta-Ukraine Relations
The Government of Alberta continues to support the Canadian Association of World Petroleum Council and its role in organizing the World Petroleum Congress.

The World Petroleum Congress is held every three years as a meeting place for global discussions on oil and gas issues. Alberta has been an active participant in the World Petroleum Council  and subsequent congresses since 1997.

Under the Building Alberta Plan, our government is investing in families and communities, living within our means, and opening new markets for Alberta’s resources to ensure we’re able to fund the services Albertans told us matter most to them. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for.