UCC-APC calls for boycott of Russian Goods and Travel


The Ukrainian Canadian Congress appeals to all fair-minded fellow citizens of Canada to refrain from purchasing any imported products manufactured in Russia as a gesture of solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

In calling for this boycott of Russian goods, the Congress is not seeking to punish ordinary citizens of Russia but to send a clear message to the authoritarian and imperialistic regime of Vladimir Putin, whose aggressive actions are not only threatening the lives and fundamental rights of the peaceful inhabitants of Ukraine, but are setting an extremely dangerous precedent that is undermining global stability. Just as Canadians effectively boycotted South African products to censure apartheid, and Chilean products to protest the brutal military dictatorship led by Augusto Pinochet, we hope that our fellow citizens will similarly make a conscientious decision to not provide any financial support that benefits the current Kremlin leadership and the oligarchic, criminal and extremist elements acting in concert with it.

The Congress further requests that businesses and government agencies importing products from Russia suspend future orders and instead seek alternative sources for the same products. Finally, Ukrainian Canadians ask that people thinking of visiting Russia or the illegitimately seized Ukrainian territory of Crimea as tourists, consider choosing other destinations for their leisure travel. The Congress calls for the boycott to remain in effect until Russia withdraws from Crimea and ceases working to destabilize and subjugate the independent government of Ukraine by political, and economic and military means.