With the arrival of spring and Easter Holidays celebrating the Resurrection of Christ, we can look forward to uplifted spirits and renewing our commitment to living each day using the gifts we have been given. At UCC APC we are also renewing our commitment to our Ukrainian community and the work that so many volunteers undertake daily so that our community remains active and strong. In particular we are working to bring renewed support to our Ukrainian bilingual program and language classes, and ask for your support. Without your children and grandchildren enrolled in this program, we will lose it along with a privileged ability to learn and retain our language and cultural identity within the school system. Please check put website for more information about the school nearest to you.

As we near the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian pioneer settlement in Canada, we as a community have much to be proud of.  The hard work and vision of our pioneer families helped pave the way for the incredibly rich and diverse community and society we live in today. UCC APC is already undertaking the first steps to what we believe will be a celebration in 2016-2017 that will once again showcase our vibrant community and in the near future we will be faking for your input as to what thus celebration should look like.

At this time, we also extend to you our warmest Easter greetings so that you and your families celebrate within the embrace of Christian love. We also hope that we can continue to count on your support of our work as we cannot pursue the goals and aspirations of our community without your moral and financial support. On behalf of our board of directors and member organizations, we extend out warmest wishes for a blessed Easter celebration.

Від імені Ради Директорів і складових організацій КУК в Альберті, ми бажаємо Вам благословенних Великодніх Свят і смачної паски! ХРИСТОС ВОСКРЕС – ВОІСТИНУ ВОСКРЕС!

Daria Luciw, President
Дарія Луців, Президент