You Are Invited to Delwood School’s Kindergarten/Gr. 1 Open Houses!



February 28, 2012 – 9:00 am & March 15, 2012 – 6:30 pm

7315 Delwood Road (134 Ave – 72 St)
476-3969 or 476-9866 476-9866

This program has proven to provide:

Small class sizes – Canadian Council on Learning, research study shows small classes in the early grades generates substantial advantages for students…[which] continue throughout the youngster’s school career.

Shared values, morals and leadership – Children in the program become a part of a community supported by culture, language and family.

Better Grades – Children in the Ukrainian program, Kindergarten to Gr. 12, achieve the highest of their potential; statistics have shown.

Bilingual:  Not Immersion; Bilingual students receive up to 50% in elementary, core subjects are basically in English.  In Kindergarten, Ukrainian is initiated through songs, alphabet, and counting along with basic classroom directives such as line up and sit down; focus for Non Speaking Families.

Free Bussing:  All Kindergarten students receive free bussing; K- 12 transportation (fuel & bus) subsidies.

Learn more by contacting Delwood School at 476-3969 or 476-9866 for added information.

A perfect opportunity to teach your child about their culture, heritage and roots, along with obtaining a second language; all in one!