Apr 14 – Ukrainian Canadian Congress Responds to Malicious Allegations by “International Scholars”.


Apr 14 – Ukrainian Canadian Congress Responds to Malicious Allegations by “International Scholars”. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress has called for an inclusive and equitable Museum that would include both Holocaust and Holodomor galleries.  We are surprised by the “Open Letter on the UCCLA, UCC, and the CMHR” dated April 12, 2011 signed by a group of academics and writers (most of whom are from outside of Canada) for their criticism of UCC’s position on the Museum.  Their assertion is first and foremost inaccurate.  The UCC has never campaigned against a Holocaust gallery in the Museum.  We expect that any academic would first review the public statements of the UCC before signing onto a letter intended to defame the reputation of the UCC and its leadership… >>>>>